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simplify your morning so you can relax into the day

Want to Simplify Your Morning? Do These 5 Things!

By How to Declutter: Use Simple Strategies

Do you dream of having a quiet and peaceful morning? Maybe you dream that you are sitting at the table enjoying the first steaming hot cup of coffee while reading the headlines waiting for the day to unfold. You can simplify your morning when you retire or maybe sooner than that by tweaking your routine slightly. The morning rush The reality is that we rush around in the morning. There is nothing peaceful about it. We gather the things we need for the day, get breakfast, and make sure that everyone else in the family is also prepared. Then we…

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Three Reasons to Follow an Organizational Home Maintenance Plan

By Uncategorized, What is Your Reason to Get Organized?

I know I am dating myself when I say that I grew up with the idiom, “A stitch in time saves nine.” Those who have never darned a sock or sewed up a rip may not realize that this saying points out that if you take care of a problem when it is small, it will save a lot more work later. This saying also applies to things which happen in your home. Having an organizational home maintenance plan to follow helps you in a variety of ways. When you stay on top of tasks in your home that keep…

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It was a small blessing that the branch did not hit the shed

Small Blessings: How to Look for the Silver Lining and Celebrate!

By Blog, It's All About You: A Personalized Approach to Achieving Your Organizing Goals

When something goes wrong there is often a silver lining within the problem – something that either didn’t go wrong or that worked out despite the problem. We call these things small blessings. If you can always keep a weather eye out for small blessings and then celebrate them then things may not appear so grim. Here are some tricks to help you find the silver lining in almost any situation. What else could have happened? A couple of weeks ago there was a big storm that swept through Atlanta. I had some HUGE (I do mean HUGE) branches come…

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