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why do we do the things we do - drawing on the wall

Why Do We Do the Things We Do?

By What is Your Reason to Get Organized?
Have you ever wondered why we do the things we do? I wonder this all the time. What drives me to do some of the things I do? Sometimes I stop in my tracks after I’ve done something, shake my head, and think to myself “why on earth did I just do that?”. We, as adults, know that for every action there is either a reaction or a consequence. This is something we learn as we grow up. As adults, we can hear in our minds our parents chiding us saying “you shouldn’t do that” or “you should hurry up…
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5 people looking for common reasons

5 Common Reasons You Don’t Complete a Project & How to Move Forward

By Ask the Organizer How to Organize
As Professional Organizers Diane and I often get calls from people who are overwhelmed by projects that have been hanging around for what seems like forever. It might be a huge project like clearing out a cluttered home to put it on the market, dealing with unopened boxes scattered around since a move 5 years ago, or paper that has taken over an office and spilled into the rest of the house. We have found that most people have common reasons for leaving these projects hanging. These people are not stupid or lazy so why can’t they do this? These…
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teaching kids responsibility making a bed

5 Fun 10 Minute Tasks for Teaching Kids Responsibility at Home

By How Long Will it Take to Organize X
There’s always lots to do to take care of your home. Involving your kids in some tasks is a great way to begin teaching kids responsibility at home. It also builds your child’s self-esteem and will help to the complete your list of household tasks. There are a several things to do as you give your kids tasks. Tell them about the task Explain how to complete the task Show them how to do the task Then walk away and let them do it These are very important points to remember. If you follow your kid around supervising them as…
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