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postponed until January

Delay New Organizing Projects Until 2022

By Ask the Organizer How to Organize

Yes. I am a professional organizer, and I am advising you to delay new organizing projects until 2022. Please note, I do not advise that you forget about them. Rather I would like you to take a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and make a list of all the organizing projects you would like to complete in 2022. Once you have made your list, look at it a second time and determine if it is realistic. Maybe some projects can be deferred even further to 2023. Rank the projects you want to complete with number 1 referring…

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Holiday Celebrations and Traditions

Dealing With Holiday Celebrations and Traditions

By It's All About You: A Personalized Approach to Achieving Your Organizing Goals

This time of year, there are many holiday celebrations. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Chanukah is right behind that. Then comes Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. These holidays are loaded with family traditions. Family traditions form memories that last forever and are passed down generation to generation. The traditions give us a sense of belonging. They connect the generations and promote family values. Keeping traditions going takes time, planning, and prioritizing. It is important to choose which celebrations and traditions you want to devote your time and effort towards. But what happens when we can’t continue the same traditions?…

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holiday gifts

5 Ways to Make Holiday Gift Giving Less Stressful

By How to Declutter: Use Simple Strategies

Gift giving whether during the holidays or for an occasion can be very stressful. We stress over finding the ‘perfect’ gift. It can be stressful if a loved one has asked for a gift that is hard to find, very expensive, or in short supply. Then we stress over getting it to the recipient on time. So much stress! It is even more stressful during the holidays when people are already busy with decorating, baking, and hosting parties. We can make holiday gift giving less stressful by focusing on planning in advance and being organized. Here are 5 things you…

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