Check out Diane Quintana and Jonda Beattie in some recent media outlets.

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Diane and Jonda do some media appearances together and some separately. No matter if it is Diane or Jonda talking the message is the same. Take a few minutes and either read or listen to some of their interviews.

Here are some recent links:

Here’s a link to our book launch hosted by the Gwinnett Public Library System:

Here’s a link to the Hoardganize Podcast. Diane and Jonda chat with host, Rachel Seavey, about their book: Filled Up and Overflowing:

Interview on The Lisa Show:

This is a fabulous article written by Jessica Ball in Eating Well Magazine

December 15 interview with Ann Kelly

Interview with Rick Dayton

Podcast with Kate Daniels

Article in Byrdie

Radio Interview with Lisa Valentine Clark from the Lisa Show 

Article in Your Tango

jonda beattie and diane quintana

Diane and Jonda just before giving their fabulous presentation: Surviving The Holidaze. They brought along homemade Holiday cookies, treats, and punch to share with the attendees. This presentation tells participants how to prepare for the holidays beginning in October. Getting ready and organized means that you aren’t scrambling at the last minute to get everything done. This presentation offers tips on how to prepare in advance so that you can relax and enjoy the holidays.

jonda beattie and diane quintana

Diane and Jonda gave a presentation entitled: De-Clutter to De-Stress at the Southern Comforts Consignment Shop in Marietta, Georgia. This presentation illustrates the benefits of decluttering your home. De-Cluttering your home opens up space and helps to remove stress from your life.