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change habits to get organized

Get Organized To Be Organized

By What is Your Reason to Get Organized?

Ask just about anyone what their New Year’s Resolution is and a large percentage of them will tell you something about getting organized. Some want to organize their garage, their attic, their basement, kitchen, closets, and the list goes on. It may not even be a specific project; they just say they want to get organized this year. Here’s the problem. Organized is not a destination. When someone says they want to get organized I want to ask what happens when you get there? Something has to change because anyone can get organized. The trick is learning how to be…

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Emergency Kit for natural disasters

Emergencies Happen – Be Prepared

By Blog, How to Declutter: Use Simple Strategies

While September is National Preparedness Month, emergencies can happen year-round. They often happen with little warning. You may only have minutes to evacuate. To improve your chances for survival, it is best to develop a plan and prepare a kit or “grab-and-go” bag.  Some great sources to use when making preparations are  and Judith Kolberg’s Organize for Disaster: Prepare Your Family and Home for any Natural or Unnatural Disaster. Have a Plan Put together a plan that involves the whole family. Because disasters can occur when the family is separated, have a communication plan and an emergency meet up…

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peace of mind - family activities

How to Get More Organized and Give Yourself Peace of Mind

By Blog, What is Your Reason to Get Organized?

Do you wonder where you left your keys, wallet, or phone? Do you worry that you have misplaced your belongings?  If there was a fire, would you be able to put your hands on your most important documents? Learn how to get organized and give yourself peace of mind. When you are organized your things have homes. You know where your keys, wallet and phone are because you put them away where they belong. You know where your vital documents are because you have copied these documents. One copy is in the cloud, one copy in a fire safe box,…

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man holding surfboard

Tips for Getting Organized that Work for You

By Blog, How to Declutter: Use Simple Strategies

Everyone wants to get organized or at least they say they do. In fact, the most frequently used New Year’s Resolution is to get organized. If this is the case, what makes it so hard? The problem is that most people work to get organized the way they think they should be organized instead of organizing in the way that works best for them. Here are 3 tips for getting organized in a way that works for you. I’m sure you’ve seen the beautiful pictures in magazines of kitchens, pantries, laundry rooms, offices, closets, and garages to name a few…

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planning and organizing skills will help this woman organize her messy couch

Use Planning & Organizing Skills: Organize Don’t Traumatize

By Ask the Organizer How to Organize, Blog

You are a highly organized person. Your family loves to have you around because you keep everything in order and your household runs smoothly. Your friends call you for advice because they know you and your talent for planning and organizing. You have terrific planning and organizing skills.  Since they are your family and friends, you know how to approach them.  Then one day, you get a request to help organize and de-clutter a home. This request comes from Sally who had to screw up a lot of courage to make the request. Sally feels that she has never in…

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