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Repurposing Your Things Is Good For The Environment

By How to Declutter: Use Simple Strategies 8 Comments

Do you repurpose your things? I love to repurpose furniture. One of the chest of drawers in my house is no longer used for clothes but has been repurposed as my wrapping station. The drawers along the top hold tissue paper, tape, scissors, and small gift bags. The three large drawers are dedicated to ribbon, birthday wrapping paper, and holiday wrapping paper. These drawers are so long and deep that I can also stash small gifts inside them. Repurposing things which we own is one of my primary missions as a professional organizer. Titles of businesses Do you ever think…

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make a difference, spread kindness

Make A Difference Day

By It's All About You: A Personalized Approach to Achieving Your Organizing Goals

I think we all know that we make differences in people’s lives and in our world but Make a Difference Day is a day to think about what else we might add into our lives to make a difference on this planet. Make a Difference Day was created by “USA Weekend” magazine in 1992 to offer community support and encourage volunteerism across the country. This year the official day is October 28. The idea behind Make a Difference Day is to remind us that each and every one of us can make a difference in our world. As we read…

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Four Tips To Help You Focus

By It's All About You: A Personalized Approach to Achieving Your Organizing Goals

Do you often come to the end of your day and wonder where the day went? Are the items on your “to do” list barely touched? Maybe instead of staying focused and moving forward on your priorities, you drift from one thing to another, never finishing anything. You float through the day distracted by thoughts that pop into your brain with no sense of focus. You spend time looking for items you just used like your phone, your scissors, or even your cup of coffee. If this sounds like you, help is at hand. I have four tips to help…

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change habits to get organized

Get Organized To Be Organized

By What is Your Reason to Get Organized?

Ask just about anyone what their New Year’s Resolution is and a large percentage of them will tell you something about getting organized. Some want to organize their garage, their attic, their basement, kitchen, closets, and the list goes on. It may not even be a specific project; they just say they want to get organized this year. Here’s the problem. Organized is not a destination. When someone says they want to get organized I want to ask what happens when you get there? Something has to change because anyone can get organized. The trick is learning how to be…

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holiday decor

Make Space to Showcase Your Holiday Decor

By How to Declutter: Use Simple Strategies

Most holidays I do not do a lot of decorating, but I do love to decorate for Christmas and showcase my holiday decor. It is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s so enticing when we are out shopping to pick up another unique and pretty ornament for our home. I also receive a lot of lovely ornaments from friends. My attic already holds boxes and boxes of holiday décor that I would love to showcase. Too Much Stuff and Too Little Space To Display My Holiday Decor But my house is small, and I do not have a lot of…

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Personal Freedom: Here are 4 Important Ways to be Free

By It's All About You: A Personalized Approach to Achieving Your Organizing Goals, Uncategorized

As we are approaching July 4th, I have been thinking of our freedoms. I think of the freedoms given to us in America as the freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right to petition. Together these freedoms make us in the USA one of the freest countries in the world. There is another freedom we have. It is personal freedom. I also think that we don’t allow ourselves to become free and be the best that we can be. Let’s look at our personal freedoms. Personal freedom allows us to live our lives on our own terms and…

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weeding clutter from the garden

5 Ways to Weed Clutter from Your Home

By Ask the Organizer How to Organize

As someone who truly loves to be outside and playing in the dirt, I want to share with you some of the similarities between gardening and organizing. Did you know that weeding is similar to organizing? No? I want to share with you 5 ways to weed clutter from your home. This will simplify your routine which, in turn, lets you spend more time on things you love. Remove what you don’t want When you weed the garden, you remove what you don’t want from that patch of the ground. I have found that one of the best ways to…

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Organizing the Entertainment Center in 10 Minute Blocks

By How Long Will it Take to Organize X, Uncategorized

Each March I deep clean and reorganize my living room.  Spring will soon be here and I want my living room completely decluttered, fresh, and accessorized for the season. Many of the projects in the living room can easily be done in 10-minute blocks of time. The Entertainment Center is a good example of that. I chunk my center into three different categories. One category is the section that holds our DVDs and CDs. Another category is the section that holds items used for entertaining guests. And the last category is all the items that sit on top of the…

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table set for 2 for a romantic evening

Make a Plan for a Romantic Evening

By How to Declutter: Use Simple Strategies, Uncategorized

Valentine’s Day is considered a day for romance.  While the special day has been around for a long time, the day became associated with romantic love in the 14th and 15th centuries.  Today it’s an opportunity to spice up a relationship and show the love. You want to set the mood for your own romantic evening. You close your eyes and envision the pair of you cuddled up on the couch, watching a romantic movie. The lights are dim. But then you open your eyes and look around your love nest. You notice the piles of shoes kicked off by that…

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postponed until January

Delay New Organizing Projects Until 2022

By Ask the Organizer How to Organize

Yes. I am a professional organizer, and I am advising you to delay new organizing projects until 2022. Please note, I do not advise that you forget about them. Rather I would like you to take a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and make a list of all the organizing projects you would like to complete in 2022. Once you have made your list, look at it a second time and determine if it is realistic. Maybe some projects can be deferred even further to 2023. Rank the projects you want to complete with number 1 referring…

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