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Release • Repurpose • Reorganize

We are so glad you are here. Let us tell you a little about ourselves and why we decided to form this company to help you declutter your home and your life.


Let go of things or thoughts that no longer serve you. Everyone, including you, will benefit.


Use old belongings in new ways. Use a chest of drawers to hold office supplies if you no longer use a desk.


Take time to reorganize your home so that you can find what you need when you want it.


Our vision for working together is: To empower you to cultivate better health, better relationships, and a better lifestyle.

Our mission is guiding you to build your refuge in the world. To release, repurpose and reorganize what you own so it serves you instead of you serving it.

Join us as we work together to declutter and create the home in which you are happy to live.


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We have created this Journal as a tool you can use every day to capture and organize all of your lists, plans, and ideas in one place.

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Deck of Cards

This 52-card deck will guide you to organize your home one 10-minute task at a time.

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Organization Bundle

Bundle: My List Simplified & Organize Your Home 10 Minutes at a Time

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Filled Up and Overflowing

Filled Up & Overflowing was written to help you and your family members, friends, and spouses find answers to questions and concerns about the safety and comfort of their loved one in their space.

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Benji’s Messy Room

Benji is your average, active five year old little boy. He loves to play in his room. Sometimes his room turns into a real mess!

benji's messy room book cover image
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Suzie’s Messy Room

Suzie is a typical, active five-year-old little girl. She loves playing with all her toys in her room and sometimes creates a real mess!

suzie's messy room book cover image
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We offer the following services:

  • Clutter Support Groups
  • Presentations & Workshops
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