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laundry room shelf

Organizing in 10 Minute Blocks: The Laundry Room Shelf

By How Long Will it Take to Organize X

Once a year I deep clean and reorganize my laundry room. Part of the process is to take a hard look to see what I am storing on my laundry room shelf. It’s a scary thought, I know, but since I only do it once a year, I can handle it! The maintenance during the year is mainly keeping the floor clean and restocking supplies. Now it has been a full year since I worked in this area beyond maintenance, and it is time to re-evaluate the space. I have open shelving in my laundry room, and it is a…

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teaching kids responsibility making a bed

5 Fun 10 Minute Tasks for Teaching Kids Responsibility at Home

By How Long Will it Take to Organize X

There’s always lots to do to take care of your home. Involving your kids in some tasks is a great way to begin teaching kids responsibility at home. It also builds your child’s self-esteem and will help to the complete your list of household tasks. There are a several things to do as you give your kids tasks. Tell them about the task Explain how to complete the task Show them how to do the task Then walk away and let them do it These are very important points to remember. If you follow your kid around supervising them as…

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a young girl emptying the dishwasher

How To Teach Your Children To Be Self-Reliant

By It's All About You: A Personalized Approach to Achieving Your Organizing Goals

When your children grow up and move into their own homes, they need to have the skills to take care of their home. Teach your children to be self-reliant by giving them chores to do around the house. You may think you are doing them a favor as they get older by taking over the chores, helping them solve their problems, and making sure their lives run smoothly but you are not. When young adults, living on their own are not self-reliant they run into all sorts of roadblocks. Homes become messy, laundry piles up, and things get lost in…

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