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Party Planning Tips During Covid-19

By August 1, 2020October 26th, 2020Ask the Organizer How to Organize, Blog
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I love to give a party. Usually in July I give a party for 20 – 25 people. I start my plans at least 6 weeks in advance to make this a fun experience for everyone. Well, obviously this didn’t happen this year. But as we begin to accept the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic, we adapt. Here are my Covid -19 party planning tips.

So, let’s throw a party the Covid-19 way!

Depending on where you live and your comfort level with the restrictions in place there are two ways to do this.

The virtual party

Use these party planning tips for virtual parties.

By now most of us have become comfortable with chatting via Zoom or some other media. Facebook also has it set up so you can put together a “room” in which to chat and meet.

One of the advantages to a virtual party is that you can invite family and friends who might not otherwise be able to come in person. The virtual party cannot easily manage to hold the 20 – 25 guests I usually have but an option is to hold two parties and people can come to one or the other or even both. 

If we’re going to do this, let’s do it right and send out real invitations. I like to send mine by mail but at the very least send an evite. 

Have a theme. It might be a birthday party, a party with a travel theme, or summer on the deck. Decorate to match your theme. Dress as if you were doing this in real time. If it is a deck party, shorts are fine. If it is a travel theme, wear something you picked up on a trip. Have fun with this.

Another option is to have a movie night and watch a movie with some friends. Everyone is responsible for their own popcorn, but you can chat while the movie is streaming. Use an app to sync up the video stream with your friends. 

In person party

Use these party planning tips for in-person parties.

If you are near a beach or large park that is open make a date with a few friends to meet up for a picnic. Everyone goes in separate cars and brings their own picnic basket. Set up your chairs at the 6 foot or more interval and enjoy each other’s company. You can wave, see each other, and talk.

You can also have a movie night at home. Set up a viewing screen on your deck and invite a few friends over. Everyone brings their own eating utensils, drinks, and food. You position your chairs and enjoy the movie and the companionship. 

I am planning a get together for my book club where everyone will bring their own food and drink. I will have the chairs positioned socially distanced outside in the carport with a fan to keep us comfortable. 

If as the hostess, you want to offer some food, have it already assembled on plates or bowls that can be picked up by the guests. Have individual canned drinks and cleaning wipes near the food station so people can wipe down their cans if they wish. Use disposable dishware and napkins.

If the party is at your home remember to prepare a bathroom for guests. Have paper towels instead of cloth towels. Use liquid soap. Sanitizing spray can also be kept on the counter. 

When the party is over, it will be time to clean up. Have disposable gloves, paper towels, trash bags, and sanitizing products. 

Parties are fun! Choose a style that fits you and the comfort level of your guests. Use this contact form to reach out for more guidance on how to virtually organize or organize your home to have a party during Covid-19 and let’s do this!

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