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How to Organize with Garden Tool Storage Organizers

By September 1, 2020October 6th, 2020Blog, How to Declutter: Use Simple Strategies

Playing in the dirt is one of my great pleasures. I love to garden and have collected lots of gardening tools which I store in garden tool storage organizers. People often ask me how to organize their garden tools. Gardening is so much more satisfying when you have the right tools at your disposal. I keep my garden tool storage organizers with me when I’m in the garden. This way I can find the tool I want to use easily. If gardening is something you like to do also then you have probably, like me, collected several tools to use when you work in the garden.

Some tools are small, some large, and some are power tools. Keeping all these tools organized and in good working order can be a challenge.

Small Garden Tool Storage Organizers

Group your gardening tools by category. You probably have several clippers or pruners, a few trowels or diggers, and maybe a claw or two for removing weeds. When I’m out working in the garden, I like to carry some tools with me. This way I don’t have to go back and forth to my shed every time I want a different tool.

I use an ordinary plastic cleaning caddy from Rubbermaid that you might use for cleaning supplies to organize my garden tools. It has a handle and several divided sections. I keep a clipper or pruner, a trowel, and a claw in this caddy. I also have a pair of gardening gloves and some twine in case I have to tie back a plant or two.

You can also get a gardening caddy like this one.  You wrap it around a bucket. If you aren’t fussy about keeping your tools separated, you can just use a bucket to carry your tools around the garden.

Fiskars garden bucket caddy

A bucket is also a great thing to use to collect weeds you pull out or branches you clip as you go.

Large Garden Tool Storage Organizer

If you have a shed, designate one wall as a place to hang your large tools. Frist group them by type. You may have a couple of different shovels, a post hole digger, a bulb hole digger, and a rake or two. Hanging these tools keeps the floor space available and keeps the large garden tools organized.

If the space allows, you can do the same thing in a garage. Take part of a wall as a place to hang your large garden tools.

Another way to organize your garden tools is to use a standing rack like this one.

Tool rack

It has plenty of space for large garden tools and a couple of spots to hang small tools also. You can keep a rack like this in a corner of the garage or out of the way at the back of your carport.

Power Tools and Garden Hoses

Some people love to use power tools as the job moves along much faster. The only power tool I have for the garden is a leaf blower. That comes in very handy as I’m always finding pine straw or other leaves on my garden paths, particularly in the fall.

If you have a shed, store your power tools there on a shelf or hang them on a hook from the wall.

I have two sets of low shelves in my shed. They are great for storing extra pots, saucers, soil, and mulch. That’s also a good place to stash your power tools.

You can also store your power tools in the garage or carport. Consider getting a set of short shelves for the power tools if you don’t have space to hang them on a wall in your garage.

My garden hoses are wrapped around a hose wheel. This keeps the hose from kinking. In the winter I disconnect the hose from the water feed. Then I bring the hose wheel and the hose inside the shed to protect it from the cold. The hose lasts a bit longer this way.

Apartment Gardening

You may live in apartment and have either pots on a balcony or some flowers (orchids maybe) in a sunny window. Use a garden tool storage organizer caddy to keep the tools you need organized and accessible. If you are lucky enough to have a laundry room, you may also have cupboards above the washer and drier. Set aside one cupboard for your gardening supplies.

No matter how large or small your garden taking care of your gardening tools and keeping them organized is an important maintenance task. You will reap so many more benefits from being in your garden when you don’t waste time hunting for your garden tools. Reach out to me to talk about how best to organize your garden tools. Consider joining our Clear Space for You clutter support group to talk about which garden tool storage organizer may work for you.

Diane N. Quintana is a Certified Professional Organizer®, Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization®, Master Trainer and owner of DNQ Solutions, LLC and co-owner of Release●Repurpose●Reorganize, LLC based in Atlanta, Georgia. Diane teaches busy people how to become organized and provides them with strategies and solutions for maintaining order in their lives. She specializes in residential and home-office organizing and in working with people affected by ADD, Hoarding, and chronic disorganization.





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