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7 Tips for Putting Away Holiday Décor

holiday decor in a clear container

The holidays have come and gone and now it’s time to put all the lovely holiday décor away and make a clean sweep for the new year. While it would lovely if we could just say “Alexa, un-trim my tree!”, it is not going to happen. This is our task, and we want to do it right. Take your time with this effort. Carefully put each item away in its storage container where it belongs. The next year you will thank the now you for doing it correctly this year. I have seven tried and true tips to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Here are my 7 tips

1. Trim the trimmings

As you put things away note if there were some left in the box that you did not even put up this year. Are there some that you did use that you are tired of? Let these go into a donation box or the trash if they look tired. Don’t take your time to carefully wrap and pack them up.

2. Color-Code your containers

Have containers that are color coded for the special holiday. I have red and green containers that I use for Christmas. That easily distinguishes them from the orange Halloween containers in a dim attic.

3. Pack up holiday décor by rooms

Put all the decorations from your kitchen in one box or box section. Have all your living room ornaments in one container. The tree may have its own box. This makes it easier to stage and decorate next year. Remember this tip: label your boxes!

4. Store holiday accessories with the decorations

Put away with the holiday decorations any special mugs, cookie tins, serving platters, or cookware that you only use for this holiday. They should not take up your precious kitchen or storage space all year for just their one month in the spotlight. Label this box so that you pull it down early.

5. Lights

As you take down your lights store them so that they will not be a tangle when you want them next year. I like containers made just for the lights but I have also used heavy cardboard that I have notched. If you use different lengths of light strands on the inside tree and outside areas, label each strand as to where they belong.

6. Decorations you put up first

Have a special box for those decorations that you put up early in the season. Label it so that you don’t have to dig through multiple boxes looking for your creche or advent wreath.

7. Take a picture

Do you really love the way you decorated a particular space this year? Take a picture of it and pack it in with those decorations so you can set it up the same way next time.

Use these simple organizing strategies to put away your holiday décor. When you have finished this project, reward yourself. Light a candle. Enjoy your favorite beverage. Enjoy your clean and decluttered home.

If you are struggling with scheduling things like decluttering projects, consider joining the Clear Space for You online support group.

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