My List Simplified – Journal


My List Simplified:

  • Has no dates
  • Is flexible
  • Has 114 pages
  • has a Calendar page on the left and a Notes page on the right
  • Includes an inspirational quote on the top of the Calendar page

Made in the U.S.A.
Size: 8 ½ x 11 inches
Pages: 114


Do you have lots of little paper notes cluttering your desk with calls to make, emails to write, and errands to run?

We have created a journal for you to capture all these lists, plans, and ideas in one place called My List Simplified.

It has a page called Check Your Calendar dedicated to capturing and corralling all the various lists that people keep on scraps of paper and a page specifically for notes related to the lists.

This Calendar page is on the left-hand side and the Notes page is on the right-hand side.

It is a spiral bound journal that will lay flat when open.

The Calendar page has a place to add 3 quick wins and has 6 other sections: errands, appointments, household tasks, calls to make, things I am thinking about, and future plans/projects.

At the very top of the Calendar page is an inspirational quote and a place to add the date.

Use this page every day, set it up for the week, or use it sporadically.

What makes this planner different? There are no dates in this journal. You determine the date and day for each Calendar page. It is a “forever journal”.

How do you use this planner? Use the Calendar page every day, set it up for a week, or use it sporadically – you decide.

Why did we create this planner? Many of our clients keep lots of little lists and notes all over the place. It’s a problem when they can’t find the list they need. We created this journal to help with that problem.